Best Place to Watch the Sunrise

We are blessed with many a vista in our fair city, but none so lovely as the view from the benches of Louisa Boren Park, where you can gaze eastward over the rolling backside of Capitol Hill, past wavy Lake Washington, and out to the Cascade Mountains beyond. The east-facing perch is the perfect place to watch the sun come up before calling it a night. Named for one of the first pioneers to land on Alki Point in 1851, Louisa Boren Park is just a few blocks east of Volunteer Park and, if you're not a morning type, is usually a serene spot all day long. Not a bench-sitter? Meander along the jogging path that lines the park's woody seven acres, but take a moment to gaze east and blow a kiss to Bellevue before you go.—Aimee Curl 15th Avenue East and East Olin Place.

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