Best Place to Take Your Squirrelly Kids for a Haircut

Every time my nephew passes Seattle Kids, a children's hair salon in Columbia City, the vehicle-obsessed 2-year-old zeroes in on the motorcycle chair he spies through the window. When my sister finally indulged him, she walked out thrilled with Max's haircut. The brightly colored salon, which is the second location for the popular West Seattle Kids, shares space with RetroActive Kids, a vintage toy and clothing store, so both parents and children have a hundred reasons to step inside. In addition to the motorcycle, Seattle Kids has a truck seat for even younger children and a standard barber chair for older ones. Drawing stations and tons of toys give siblings something to do so Mom and Dad can focus on one squirming toddler at a time.—Jonathan Kauffman 4859 Rainier Ave. S., 722-7020.

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