Best Place to See Gothic Lolitas, Capoeira Artists, Hippie Hula-Hoopers, Sleeping Drifters, and Guys with Guitars in One Afternoon

Throughout the tortuous summer of 2005, Capitol Hill residents routinely broke through the construction fences in their frenzy to enjoy Cal Anderson Park, which was then receiving the finishing touches of its revitalization. Ever since the official opening that fall, you can't keep the throng off the 11-acre space. It boasts a ginormous fountain and wading pool in addition to its gentle hills, which are perfect for afternoon naps and illicit people-watching. I've been invited into Frisbee games, given a sparkly pink hula hoop by a group of people blasting Goa trance from a boom box, been regaled with hobo serenades, watched fights, observed new love, and envied plenty of scruffy and beautiful dogs. There's nothing better on a summer Sunday, or any day you can get out of work. Here, the recreational hazard of feeling guilty about your idleness feels as far away as Green Lake.—Rachel Shimp 1635 11th Ave., 684-0775,

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