Best Place to Inspire an Alibi

There are places in Seattle that seem to have remained gloriously unchanged for decades. I'm thinking of businesses like Byrnie Utz Hats, stacked to the ceiling with fedoras, Stetsons, and berets, a throwback to the elegant days when no man left the house bareheaded; or lower Queen Anne's Mecca Cafe, which could be an installation in the Smithsonian: "The American Diner, 1930–50." But if you really want to feel time has warped—to experience not just the decor but the very mind-set of an earlier era—visit any of the T-shirt shops within a block or two of Pike Place Market and relish the antediluvian domestic humor on display. It's like falling headfirst into a 1955 sitcom, where all the men obsessively fish and golf and the wives (not women: wives) nag and talk too much, and probably drive badly and wear curlers to bed, too. See the cartoons, read the captions, and feel a half-century of feminist progress on gender-role issues magically vanish.—Gavin Borchert

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