Best Place to Get Pricked on the Cheap

Go to hairdressing school for a cheap cut, try a culinary school for slightly irregular tarts, and take your pants to an apprentice tailor next time you're in Italy. But when it comes to having people realign your Qi, you should probably just go ahead and get that second mortgage on your house. Or not. Though the idea of discount acupuncture might raise hairs, the students at Wu Hsing Tao School, a school offering discounts for its patients, are damn near pros—and it will set you back a mere $65 for a first comprehensive session and $45 for follow-up sessions. In addition to giving you that warm, radiant feeling so beloved by acupuncture patients, the holistic approach to Wu Hsing (which translates to Five Elements) will give you a tip or two on your overall health. Remember: Some needles are good; don't judge.—Karla Starr Talaris World Campus, Building D, Ste. 1, 4000 N.E. 41st St., 324-7188,

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