Best Place to Get (Not Take) a Growler

Manny's may not come in a bottle (yet), but you don't have to settle for downing Seattle's finest at a bar. Take a short trip south to Georgetown Brewing Co. and get yourself a growler of Manny's (pale ale), or Roger's (pilsner), or Chopper's (red ale)—and it will only set you back $10 for a half-gallon (about 4 pints). But here's the best part: The next time you go back, empty growler in hand, you only have to pay five bones to get it filled. Now that's what I call smart investing! Plus, it's a great reason to wander down to the cavernous old Rainier cold-storage building. Don't let its mammoth size and lack of signage frighten you off; simply follow the opening in the brick facade on Airport Way to the back of the building and look right for the small Georgetown Brewery sign. The retail counter, which also has brewery wearables and other tchotchkes like pint glasses, is up the ramp on the other side of the loading dock. —Aimee Curl 5840 Airport Way S., No. 201, 766-8055,

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