Best Place to Get Drunk With City Pols

This isn't just any watering hole. The bar at the Four Seas is one of those joints with its own moniker: the "Dynasty Room." And the Dynasty Room is dark. And dingy. And aptly named. This popular International District haunt has been cooking up Chinese food and serving as a neighborhood meeting place for nearly 70 years. Council member Richard McIver, who frequents the Dynasty Room to sip Johnny Walker Red (and eat dinner with his wife), says he goes there to connect with the old neighborhood. "A lot of the clientele down there are families of people I've known for many years," McIver says. "I enjoy sitting down and telling lies, you know, just talking." It's a windowless cavern of a bar that offers a certain escape-the-outside appeal, perhaps another reason why City Hall types like it. I met Jean Godden there for a cocktail once. At first blush, a strange venue for the newspaper columnist–turned–council member, but she fit right in despite the fact that she wasn't swilling scotch. Godden's drink of choice? White wine.—Aimee Curl 714 S. King St., 682-4900,

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