Best Place to Drink Beers With Unabashed Sports Fans

Since I moved back to Seattle from a place where lovers of sport often gather in solidarity at their favorite neighborhood pub to stare glassy-eyed at walls of TVs, guzzle cold ones, and cheer with gusto, it's been a sad search to find a decent spot to take in a game around here. Thank goodness, then, for the Roanoke Park Place Tavern on Capitol Hill, a spot where you won't have to plead with the bartenders to turn on the Sonics or the Seahawks; won't get dirty looks when you yell, "How do you sleep at night?" at the refs; and best of all, won't be the only one watching the game. The Roanoke's ivy-covered exterior and woody innards make it a great spot to disappear into, and the friendly bartenders and crackling winter fireplace make you feel right at home. Someone on a nearby stool may even ask who you're rooting for. Fringe benefits: $1 tacos on Wednesdays and Rainier on tap. Perfect.—Aimee Curl 2409 10th Ave. E., 324-5882.

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