Best Place to Catch the Ice-Cream Man

The cheerful jangle of music piped from old painted-over mail trucks instinctively sends kids running for their piggy banks, hustling as fast as possible to scrape together the necessary change to exchange for a cold, frosty treat. As a kid, making it before the music began to fade away was summer's primary source of stress, second only to passing the swim test required to access the deep end of the pool. But, along with playing in the sandbox, splashing in the wading pool, and not sharing, running for the ice-cream truck seems to grow less appropriate with each passing year. Lucky for those of us who don't give a damn about decorum, Seattle's savviest ice-cream truck operators take the hustle out of the game by posting up at area beaches for extended periods of time. They keep the hipsters in brightly colored, retro-style twin pops at Madison Park Beach and the toddlers in stick-free Choco Tacos at Seward Park. Though some things change (you won't have to run), some remain the same: Bring enough change if you don't want to share (and who does, really?).—Aja Pecknold Madison Park Beach, 1900 43rd Ave. E.; Seward Park, 5902 Lake Washington Blvd. S.

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