Best Place to Buy an Ultrasonic NDI Immersion Tank

For home improvement, go to Home Depot. For penis-size improvement, visit Boeing Surplus. Where else would you find a 10-foot-long "chicken cannon," used for simulating midair bird collisions? Or a wind tunnel? For years, Boeing's dumped its spare and outdated equipment—no serious airplane gear, but computer parts, furniture, tools, and more esoteric testing devices than you can shake a chromatography pump at—inside a Kent warehouse, creating a sort of Goodwill for Geeks. Customers vary from white-collar engineering types to skittery, bearded guys who look like they just came down from the mountain, but everybody seems to share the same crazed look as they rummage through bins of drive belts and safety goggles and "Big Squeeze" riveters that look like giant mechanical crab pincers. The prices are crazy: You'll hear shoppers whispering about how tiny, $1-per-pound mechanical fittings sell for $5 apiece in normal retail shops. And in case you're wondering what to do with a pile of semilogarithmic graph paper or a drill bit the size of your arm, there's an inspirational corkboard labeled "What have you made?" Who would've thought you could build a meat smoker inside a filing cabinet?—John Metcalfe 20651 84th Ave. S., Kent, 425-965-4400.

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