Best Place to Bum Wireless and Check Out a Killer Vespa Collection

Owner D.J. Norman went all out when engineering the look of Motore Coffee to sync with the Italian scooter theme implied in the name, going so far as to convince Ducati of Seattle to loan him some Vespas to place in the shop for customers to sit on while they wait for their lattes. Order for here and you'll be able to enjoy the Wi-Fi hot spot for as long as your caffeinated heart desires. So the wireless isn't necessarily free, but you'll feel like the staff at Motore is doing you a favor the second you walk into the industrial, Eurochic cafe. Not only will they sell you all locally produced food and drink—Caffé Vita coffee, Fiori chocolates, and Essential Baking Company pastries—the four iMacs are also yours to use, a free half-hour of Internet time accompanying each purchase.—Maggie Mertens 1904 Ninth Ave., 388-2803,

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