Best Place to Book That NASCAR Vacation Package

"You just start out taking a few of your friends, then it evolved into taking thousands of people a year," says Ron House. House is speaking candidly about his addiction: Since watching his first NASCAR race with his grandfather at age 6, the former diesel mechanic now attends anywhere from five to 10 NASCAR races a year. He's been booking NASCAR vacation packages—which go anywhere the races are, from California to Las Vegas—for 12 years as the vice president of World Class Travel. "It's a huge passion. It's definitely our little niche that we've started here." The typical package is a three-nighter, arriving on Friday and getting back to Seattle on Monday, priced so that the "average Joe can afford [it]," says House. In addition to seats with full views of the racetrack, the party starts on your way to the race. "You can bring your own beverage, as long as it's not in a glass container. It's a fun little party; we play gambling games on the way out to the track." In other words, I'm sold.—Karla Starr 440 Virginia St., 448-0812,

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