Best Non-Billion-Dollar Form of Public Transportation

You may have noticed that we're spending several billion dollars, and untold resources, to build a humongous elevated light-rail line to the airport. Cool! Except, of course, you can already get to the airport, quite happily and efficiently, on public transportation, thanks to the mighty Metro bus 194 to Sea-Tac. If you live or work downtown, life couldn't be easier: The 194 runs along Second Avenue, picking up travelers and smart tourists, then along the SoDo busway, picking up hard hats and such, before zipping to Sea-Tac. There, you get to enter through the gorgeous new South Terminal atrium, with its 70-foot-tall windows, hanging replica of the Voyager (the first plane to circle the globe nonstop), and soothing fountain. Linger awhile—what's the hurry? The 194 runs every 15 minutes for much of the day and—painful as this is to realize—actually takes five minutes less time to get to and from downtown Seattle (about 30 minutes) than the spendy new light-rail train will.—Mark D. Fefer Downtown Seattle and Sea-Tac Airport,

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