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In reserved Seattle, it can be hard to pick up on neighborhood gossip without resorting to hypnosis, violent coercion, or, well, actually talking to people you don't know. Which is why I love CAPITOL HILL BLOG. "J" and "K"—whom the Capitol Hill Times outed in February 2007 as husband-wife team Justin Carder and Kristin Boraas—post daily on the minutiae of life along the 15th and 19th Avenue East corridors. Curious about the fate of the old Rainbow Market? Wondering about the school carnival advertised on sandwich boards on your block? The blog knows all. Based on the number of scoops J and K sniff out, I get the feeling that these Harriet the Spy disciples walk their beat every day, chatting up construction workers and baristas. Their geographic focus is so tiny that certain topics—like Linda Derschang's newest bar, Smith—come up over and over again. But that's the point: The blog is like a running conversation you would be having with your next-door neighbor if the two of you actually greeted each other in the hall or at the front stoop.—Jonathan Kauffman

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