Best Local, Earth-Friendly Brunch

I am a brunch person, but not the omelet-sausage-and-bacon kind. I crave carbs and fruit smothered in sugary, buttery goodness. Naturally this can result in slight nausea. Thankfully there's the U District's Portage Bay Café, boasting nine years of breakfasts and brunches using healthy, organic, sustainable products. Not that they brag about it: The small paragraph explaining their commitment to the environment appears only as a postscript to the succulent menu, like a whipped cream topping to your Bananas Foster French Toast. So smile knowingly and pile high your mascarpone-cheese-stuffed Wild Berry Blintzes with fresh, organic fruit from the breakfast bar, slather it in organic Vermont maple syrup, and know that you'll be going home stomachache-free, and helping out good ol' Mother Earth.—Maggie Mertens 4130 Roosevelt Way N.E., 547-8230,

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