Best KEXP Fill-in Host for John Richards

Lots of folks fill in for John Richards when he's away. Rachel Ratner, Kevin Cole, Cheryl Waters, etc. But man, Richards was on vacation for something or other this past year, and I tuned in on my morning commute only to hear the crunching blues rock of Iggy and the Stooges' "No Fun." Naturally, I perked right up. Turns out it was a normally late-night DJ, Chilly, responsible for this amphetaminelike pick-me-up. I figured it was a one-off, that he'd keep rolling with the indie rock after that. But no. He played the Fall, then Can, then the MC5, then the Lights, then Black Mountain. Then, a once-popular little song I had forgotten was so good, At the Drive-In's "One-Armed Scissor." This is all a matter of personal taste, of course; such raw power isn't the way most want to start their morning commute. But for a fan of all things raucous, like me, DJ Chilly slays.—Brian J. Barr

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