Best Karaoke Room

Love karaoke, but hate waiting for your turn while an obnoxious drunk hogs the mike for yet another rendition of "Livin' on a Prayer"? Gonna tear your eyes out the next time someone attempts "Baby Got Back"? All hail Seattle's Best Karaoke! The private room at the bottom of Denny Way earns its audacious name by having one of the hugest songbooks around (8,500-plus songs) and by affording you and your buddies a delicious microphone monopoly. At $33 per hour on weekend nights (for up to eight people), the rooms can be ultra-pricey. But make a reservation for a specific time slot and make sure everyone ponies up, and it's totally worth it. The staff leaves you completely alone to wail, dance, and freak out. The spartan atmosphere of the rooms (white futons, basic chairs, two mikes, and a TV) ensures that the focus is on having the time of your life. And if that means getting blitzed in order to sing, fine: Alcohol is allowed with a $10 banquet permit.—Janet, "Miss Jackson" If You're Nasty 1818 Minor Ave., 343-6599,

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