Best Industrial Waterfront Viewing

It may seem incongruous, but there's a fantastic view of our working waterfront in the middle of Harbor Island. Heading to West Seattle, there's a roadside park situated just before the exit to Terminal 18. This unmarked park—technically named the Terminal 18 Public Access Park—is a great place to get to by bike, and perhaps even stop for a picnic. Maintained by the Port of Seattle, this 1.1-acre parcel offers shelters, picnic tables, a bike path, and views of the Duwamish River. From the park's 310 linear feet of shoreline, you'll witness a stunning view of the urban skyline, populated with overgrown cranes unloading containers from ships at port. If you're stopping for a lunch break, seat yourself at one of the benches facing downtown. Except for the clatter of nearby trains, you'll usually have the place all to yourself.—Adriana Grant Terminal 18, Klickitat Ave. S.W.,

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