Best (Illegal) Seat at the Moore

It's one of the best venues in town. Intimate like a club—even better sound than some (cough, Chop Suey)—and big enough for your marquee shows (Kings of Leon and Brian Wilson come to mind). When the theater opened 100 years ago, there were several opera boxes on each side of the stage. The stairs and entrances still exist, but are covered with the wall we see today. There are, however, still opera-stye boxes, with stairs leading to the often-general-admission floor. And though you may only last a few minutes in those spots, they're the choice seats in the house, nearly on top of the performers. Folks at the Seattle Theater Group, the Moore's caretakers, insist that the boxes are not open to the public and that if they catch any patrons in the boxes during a show, they will "politely be asked to return to their seats."—Chris Kornelis Moore Theatre, 1932 Second Ave., 467-5510,

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