Best Handmade Tortillas and Stuff to Put in Them

El Puerco Lloron has been a Hillclimb hole-in-the-wall since 1982, but people often seem unaware of this hidden gem. Steps away from the Market, it feels miles away from its madness, and from Seattle in general. Sea-green walls, coral windowpanes, and a yellow ceiling frame the metal tables and chairs reading "Superior" and "Corona." Metal lamps punched with flower cutouts hang from the ceiling, as do bird cages and baskets. The temptation to get a bucket of Coronitas with your lunch here is very high. And the tortillas: They're handmade, constantly shaped by the cooks, who fill them with unbelievably good carnitas and carne asada. The taco el marisco includes big chunks of cabbage, onions, tomatoes, a special sauce, cilantro, and a dusting of cheese. Like all of the fare here, it's simple and fresh. Not only is El Puerco Lloron your best downtown bet for authentic Mexican, it's also the place where you're most likely to imagine the white noise of the viaduct—here obscured by leafy trees—to be waves rolling off Puerto Vallarta.—Rachel Shimp 1501 Western Ave., Ste. 200, 624-0541.

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