Best Fiberglass Ungulate

To paraphrase Orwell, all pigs are equal, but some pigs are more equal than others. In a reprise of the 2001 public-art program, to raise money for human services programs and to celebrate the Pike Place Market's centennial, decorated pig sculptures, about 4 feet tall, are littering (get it?) downtown: some clever (Leslie Thyagarajan's pig at Third and University, outside Benaroya Hall, its surface divided quiltlike into squares, each depicting an iconic moment in pop culture for every year of the past 100), some cute (Peter Loh's faux-wooden "Trojan Pig" on wheels, off Sixth and Union), some less so. But the freakiest one I've seen is parked on Second Avenue between Columbia Street and Cherry Street. Call it Trippy Dinosaur Pig, though artist Michael Violette named it "Swinosaurus": a pig transmuted into a triceratops, with a big frill of bone over its neck, a horn on its snout and two on its brow, painted in blue and orange paisleys and lava-lamp blobs shading down into chartreuse hooves. It's a Jurassic Park experiment gone wrong crossed with a Jefferson Airplane concert poster.—Gavin Borchert

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