Best DIY Radio Station Run Out of a Basement

Why Hollow Earth Radio is Seattle's only DIY radio station is beyond me. All it takes is a computer with iTunes, extra hard drives, and $100 paid each month to an Internet broadcasting service. In this vein, Garrett Kelly and Amber Kai Morgan have been streaming online since Jan. 1. They broadcast seven days a week, from noon until at least midnight. And since it's free-form, you never know what you'll hear from day to day. The first time I tuned in, they were playing Dead Moon, which is why I kept listening. Then I heard people calling in to talk about their dreams, and then a voice-mail message from a tape found in a thrift store, then a song by Slowdive. This mix of music and found sound lends a paranormal element to the station. Every time you tune in, it feels like listening to transmissions from other planets.—Brian J. Barr

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