Best Breakfast Sandwich on a Bagel

For a long time, Pettirosso's buttery bagel breakfast sandwiches were the best-kept secret in town. But that was because they had to be. Until the cafe attained the appropriate permitting, you had to be in the know to get one of the underground concoctions. There was no menu. Much like at In-N-Out Burger—where "double double animal style" is the password required to get you two patties and the works—a stash of the best ingredients behind the counter at Pettirosso would magically come together, so long as you knew what to order. But word spread quickly of the delicious, hangover-curing sandwiches. The secret's out, and now, so is the menu, for all to see. It offers extras like soy sausage and salsa, all mixed in with the scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese that ooze between two halves of a bagel (from "everything" to sesame). Some allure can be lost when brought to the masses (Modest Mouse fans sure ain't what they used to be), but this one has only gotten better.—Aja Pecknold 1101 E. Pike St., 323-4830.

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