Best Beverage on the Ferry

Commuters with sea legs are a peculiar, grumpy, often misunderstood bunch. Let's face it—why sacrifice perfectly good family/happy hour time on a boat with a wretched beer selection that will suck you dry should you properly indulge after a day in the hole? This is why the best beverage on the boat cannot be bought on the boat. In fact, it's not even a specific beverage: It's whatever you can get into a travel mug that held your coffee on the way over. See, you're getting buzzed, not broke, and green in the same stroke. You should feel good about that. Feel good, and show up to junior's softball game with more than a synopsis of the day's Wall Street Journal. As an added treat, should you want the complete feeling of a discount happy hour on the sly, grab a few slices of cured meat while you're dining at Salumi, and pick up that spare loaf of bread left on the table. You'll be the envy of the foil-wrapped-cheeseburger-eating crowd.—Chris Kornelis

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