Best Beach-Blanket '80s Nostalgia Trip

The table card advertising the Stiefel at Prost describes the tradition clearly: A Stiefel is a 2-liter drinking vessel in the shape of a man's boot, meant to be chugged in a team of at least three people, passed from person to person. Once the glass is lifted, setting it back on the table is strictly verboten. The person who skimps on his/her last chug to avoid the possibly warm communal backwash—the second-to-last person to drink, in other words—pays for round two. Tip: Find a good server, one who will give you the real glass boot instead of a less-fragile 2-liter cousin. You don't want to miss that last bit of beer—known as the toe slosh—as it comes rushing out of the boot and down your buddy's shirt.—Jess Thomson Prost, 7311 Greenwood Ave. N., 706-5430,

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