Best Bathroom Sink

The best things in life are comically oversized: posteriors, the Great Wall of China, martini glasses, clown feet, bow ties, and really big breasts. Adding flat to that equation is usually a recipe for disaster: After all, who likes big, flat butts? And shouldn't bow ties have a bit of a puff? So the bathroom sink at Solo—which takes up well over half of the countertop in the bathroom, most of that in flat porcelain goodness—is quite the exception. It's the kind of thing you'd see in a really rich person's house, assuming they had a vested interest in having all of their houseguests spend upwards of 10 minutes in the bathroom, just trying to figure out why the bathroom sink is so white, so big, so flat—and what exactly could be done in such a space.—Karla Starr 200 Roy St., 213-0080,

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