Best Bar That Allows Dogs

Some people don't like dogs. If you're one of them, I don't trust you. That's why I love watching folks get freaked out when another person lets their dog roam through a bar. This mostly happens at the Canterbury, where the clientele tends to be a bit more on edge overall. But in a joint like the Blue Moon, man, a stranger's dog at your feet feels as natural as a cool breeze. At one time, I have seen as many as three dogs wandering around, sniffing the floor and each other. Sometimes, one will find the most inconvenient spot for lying down—in the doorway. But mostly, they just stand around looking furry and awesome. Seated in a wobbly, wooden booth with pint in hand and watching dogs wag their tails is the perfect way to lower your blood pressure. Matter of fact, I bet there would be less fights in bars if they all allowed dogs inside. Screw the haters, I say let 'em in!—Brian J. Barr 712 N.E. 45th St., 675-9116,

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