Best Band You've Never Heard of or Seen

The soundtrack to Amélie easily ranks as one of the greatest cinematic soundscapes in the past 10 years, thanks to award-winning French composer Yann Tiersen. (How can you listen to that and not want to move to Paris? You can't.) Visiting Tiersen's "Top Friends" on his MySpace page drums up the names of music heavyweights like Devendra Banhart and Rachael Yamagata, as well as the likes of Scene Aesthetic. Yes, that's the same Scene Aesthetic who recently earned a nod in The New York Times Magazine. Yep, that'd be the same Scene Aesthetic as the one whose song "Beauty in the Breakdown" has been played more than five and a half million times. With more than 192,000 friends, in MySpace terms, they're bigger than the Shins, though they've never had Natalie Portman proclaim that they'll change your life. Their Web site's fully loaded merch store suggests a band of Death Cab proportions, but who the hell are they? And why the hell is a band with such high numbers playing El Corazon and not WaMu? How can you have such a massive online presence while remaining relatively unknown locally, Scene Aesthetic? Why won't you let us love you more?—Karla Starr

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