Best Art Seen From I-5

If you want to walk all the way down to the waterfront to check out public art at the Olympic Sculpture Park, that's fine. But if you prefer the drive-by method of art appreciation, just hop on I-5 (a bus is better for window viewing), and look to the right as you head north (or to the left as you head south) near the Northeast 65th Street exit. Yes, it's a two-story mural of famous '50s pinup model Bettie Page. Yes, it's painted on the side of someone's house. Homeowner Chris Brugos had the mural painted by a graphic designer friend last August, and even though early media attention to the scandalous painting warned of imminent censoring by Mayor Nickels, it seems as if this time art has prevailed. At least until Brugos decides to sell his house.—Maggie Mertens

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