SW Editorial Board

Diversity Numbers to Celebrate at University of Washington

This year’s freshman class is the most diverse in history. That’s to all our benefit.

#BlockTheBunker Has Shown the Black-Lives Movement for the Potent Political Force It Is

Last week’s events should silence critics who argue BLM doesn’t have the political savvy to affect change.

We Can Make Police Truly Accountable. Here’s How.

A ballot measure led by the brother of a man killed by police is a sensible step toward addressing egregious uses of force.

City Council Should Pass the Anti-Eviction Ordinance

When you drill down on it, blocking routine encampment evictions is the only sensible policy until enough shelter is provided for the homeless.

Giving Labor Its Due

In a era of declining union influence, organized labor is making big strides in Seattle.

Trump in Seattle: A Recommended Itinerary

The Republican candidate could learn a lot from our city. Will he?

City Hall Needs to Stop Dismissing, and Start Addressing, Questions About the North Precinct

It’s time for the City Council to step back and do the hard work of selling the public on the pricey public project.

To Help End Homelessness, Get Landlords On Board

From tents to tenants.

Dear Mayor: Stop Evicting the Homeless

It’s immoral, and just a bad idea.

Throwing Neighborhoods Out With the Neighborhood Councils

City Hall’s anti-geographic rhetoric holds no water.

SPOG’s Anti-Reform Posturing Is a Disservice to Seattle. And its Members.

The police union’s inflammatory rhetoric toward police reforms has a corrosive effect on the public dialog. It needs to stop now.

We the People Won’t Discriminate

Backers of the “Bathroom Bill” have till Friday to submit nearly 300,000 signatures. But there’s strong evidence Washington is not on board with their plan.

Making Everywhere a Safe Place in Seattle

The city has taken positive steps to address gay bashing. But it’s on all of us to stop the hate.

From 2015 to 2016, a Different Kind of Pride

Last year the LGBTQ community celebrated. This year it stands vigilant.

To Move the Needle on Gun Control, We Must Remember Orlando. And Ronald Reagan.

Even the patron saint of the modern Republican Party thought assault rifles should be banned.

Spotting Real Solutions to Gun Violence

Seattle is right to double-down gun-violence prevention, but there’s reason to doubt acoustic technology will further that mission.

In National Politics, Native Americans Deserve a Seat, Not a Slur

In Seattle and elsewhere, Native Americans are facing real issues. All Donald Trump wants to talk about is Disney.

Why the Jungle Sweeps are Bound to Fail

The city’s plan for clearing homeless encampments ignores the fundamental reasons people are there to begin with.

Want More Diversity on Campus? Bring Back Affirmative Action.

As long as state law bans state universities from hiring faculty and admitting students based on race, any efforts to improve campus diversity will be done with one hand tied behind the back.

Losing the Moral High Ground, One Molotov Cocktail at a Time

You can make an argument for breaking windows to protest capitalism. But you can’t make one for throwing Molotov cocktails.