Meagan Angus

The Seattle Company Setting a New Standard for Edibles

botanicaSEATTLE is helping move cannabis away from prohibition-era thinking and toward a more refined experience.

The Compassion, Care, and Cannabis of Valerie Corral

The DEA couldn’t stop the founder of the Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana from her rounds.

Remembering the Florence Nightingale of Medical Marijuana

Mary Jane Rathbun and her magical brownies helped usher in the modern era of MMJ.

Stash Box: How Keith Stroup’s Small-Town Roots Set the Stage for NORML

A black sheep, always on the run, the Illinois native made a huge difference.

Stash Box: How Ed Rosenthal Helped Grow the Movement

The horticulturist cultivated cannabis culture by teaching people to grow their own.

Stash Box: Jack Herer’s Journey From Prohibitionist to Hemperor

The unlikely story of the man who authored the groundbreaking guide to cannabis, The Emperor Wears No Clothes.

Stash Box: Why Is the Marijuana Movement Filled With Straight White Dudes?

Even in the legalization of weed, the marginalized remain on the sidelines.

The TUF Collective Says LUV Is the Answer

“A lot of people in TUF enjoy electronic music and digital media, and were consistently frustrated to see men hold power on so many levels of these mediums.”

Stash Box: The Controversial Cannabis Cures of Oil Man Rick Simpson

The mild-mannered Canadian is a medicinal-marijuana legend and the target of controversy and copycats.

Stash Box: Marijuana at the Movies

Three classic films that are better when you’re high.

Stash Box: Sex and the Stoned City

Enjoying a few tokes with your lover can make everything better.

Stash Box: The Life of a Budtender

In one of Seattle’s legal weed shops, two workers talk customers, money, and medicinal marijuana.

Stash Box: Cooking With Cannabis

There are times when smoking is just not an option.

Stash Box: Karla Fuller-Palmer Paints With Pot

For her latest work, the Tacoma artist uses marijuana as more than a muse.

Stash Box: Where to Smoke Your Weed This 4/20

4/20 is like Marijuana Mardi Gras or Cannabis Christmas. It’s fantastic. Aside from the getting-high part, our columnist likes that we as a city set aside a day every year to celebrate this 30-million-year-old plant.

Stash Box: Is Little Amsterdam in Seattle a Pipe Dream?

Why can’t we just allow public cannabis consumption in the way we allow alcohol consumption—namely, being able to imbibe at cafes, clubs, and restaurants?

Stash Box: Why Are Some Washington Employers Still Making Us Pee in Cups?

Other states have included regulations detailing when employers can demand a drug test, but our great state has remained silent.

Stash Box: Introducing Blends Can Bring Out the Best in Your Cannabis

The reasons for using blends are almost as varied as the number of plants that you can roll into your joint.

Stash Box: Questions for the Cannabinologist

Thoughts on ‘American Beauty’, Washington state’s marijuana policy, and the bright future of cannabis research from Sunil Kumar Aggarwal.