Alex Garland

Fans Gather in Remembrance of Chris Cornell

KEXP welcomed hundreds of mourners to listen to the work of the late, great Seattle-born musician together.

Nikkita Oliver, Pussy Riot, Draw Large Crowd for International Women’s Day Rally

Yesterday was International Women’s Day, and in Seattle more than a thousand…

As New Travel Ban Is Issued, Seattle Muslim Rights Group Stands Ready

Whether it’s helping detained Muslims or teaching people about Islam, CAIR-WA is at the forefront of resisting Trump.

Home From Standing Rock, Seattle Protesters Bring Pipeline Fight to the Corps

“The work does not end when you come back from North Dakota.”

PAX Makes Space for Diversity

“It’s still a cis-het-white guy club, but it doesn’t have to be that way.”

Inside the Fanbase of Seattle’s Massive eSports Tournament

Video game fanatics from across the world flooded Seattle last week for The International. We asked them, “Why?”

As Vigil Turns to Protest, Words of Love, Anger and Solutions

“Oversight for all people is necessary. We’re offering healing for the community.”

The Making of a Drag Queen

Behind the scenes with Betty Wetter, who never misses a soda before bed.

Citing Discrimination Against Gay Men, City Employees and the Mayor Protest Blood Drive

In the wake of Orlando, gay men want to give blood. Yet in many cases they can’t, despite new rules by the FDA.