Sara Bernard

King Coal’s Final Fight in Washington

The backers of Millennium Bulk Terminals, a proposed coal-export terminal in Longview, are scrambling to get on the last boat to Asia.

In Court and on Campus, Claims of Discrimination and Institutional Inaction Cloud UW

A discrimination trial gets a hung jury the same day students rally.

Photos: Activists Besiege Anacortes Refineries, by Land and by Sea

But some counter-protesters were also present.

The Viaduct Disaster That Just Wasn’t

Searching for traffic jams, and not finding them, in a world without SR-99.

This Weekend, Anacortes Will Be Ground Zero For Climate Resistance

It’s time for ShellNo 2.0: Bigger, better, and wetter.

As Movement Against Standardized Testing Takes Shape, High Stakes Abound

Many Seattle parents, teachers, and students are joining forces to battle the assessment machine. But is this a fight they can win?

There Will Only Be One Carbon Tax on the Fall Ballot, But the Climate Schism Remains

“It is utter insanity for anyone who claims to care about climate change … to not be full-throatedly supporting I-732.”

In Debate Over Trans Rights, Words Are Everything

As anti-trans activists try to get a ballot measure passed, disputes are arising over how exactly it should be presented to voters.

How Seattle Is Giving Wage Laws Some Teeth

April 1 marked the first anniversary of Seattle’s minimum-wage and wage-theft ordinances; both officially took effect on April 1, 2015, and as of January 1, the minimum wage jumped to $13 an hour for employees of large companies. In December, the City Council passed a suite of extra worker protections and employer penalties, including making wage-theft victims eligible for receiving three times what is owed them.

A Forest Steward Faces Off Against Homeowners Fighting to Maintain Their Grand Views

Peter Donahue has cultivated a slice of wilderness in the city for the past three years. Now his work—and the benefits it provides—could be undone by a homeowners association.

A Brief History of the Seattle Weekly Distribution Box

From dirty diapers to Girl Scout cookies to quality journalism, you never know what you’ll find.

Is the Charter School Fix a Fix?

The charter school bill is in the hands of the Governor. Some fear the bill will put us right back where we started.

In West Seattle, a Yard That’s Magical, Whimsical, and Not Up to Code

Michael Hendersen has given his community a half-built kingdom known as the Undersea Aviary. Some of his neighbors wish he would take it back.