Sara Bernard

Uber and the Uncertain Future of Taxis at the Airport

As rideshare companies continue to encroach on long-held terrain, a new contract with the Port of Seattle has cab drivers wondering what they’re fighting for.

Why Vote for a Clinton When You Could Vote for a Kennedy?

Third-party candidates won’t rock the two-party boat. But Washington can afford to go rogue.

Northwest Tribes Paddle the Missouri to Support the Standing Rock Sioux

“Don’t call them protesters. Call them protectors.”

Re-Bar Keeps Seattle Weird … for Now

The devoted patrons of Re-Bar, located just outside of the South Lake Union boom, hold on to the memories and hold out hope for historical-landmark status.

Freedom School Aims to Teach What Public Schools Don’t

Seattle’s long-running workshop for teens has a lofty goal: dismantling systemic racism.

Armed With Recent Victories, The Lummi Totem Pole Journey Heads to North Dakota

Could the Lummi’s win over the Cherry Point coal battle influence the debate in N.D.?

Do Urbanists Have a Wilderness Problem?

Density foes argue the whole point of being in Seattle is the ability to get out of it…with a car.

Pike Market’s Sunset Supper Was Overwhelming and Delicious

Scenes from the 21st annual food-and-booze bash.

Report on Jail Inmates’ Limited Voting Access May Spur Change in King County

“When we think about barriers, this is certainly one of them.”

City Council Passes Historic Renter Protection Ordinance

City law now requires landlords to offer housing to the first qualified applicant, among other things.

Supporters Overjoyed as Senator Pramila Jayapal Sweeps the Primary

“She is like a shooting star… a once-in-a-lifetime candidate.”

A New Airport Contract Puts Taxi Drivers in a Tough Spot

In the bidding war for an exclusive contract with the Port of Seattle, the money comes out of drivers’ pockets.

A West Seattle Gem Fine-Tunes an Old Tradition

Best Open Mic: Skylark Cafe and Club

Why the Flowers at the Market Are So Cheap

Best of Pike Place Market: $5 Flowers

Reparations Go Viral in Seattle

Two new online movements offer white people ways to fight racism directly.

Hotel Safety Summit Packs Room, Expects Win on I-124

“In Seattle, we are leaders on labor standards, and I think we should keep that momentum.”

Hotel Workers Ballot Initiative Got Its Signatures

Initiative 124, designed to protect hotel housekeepers, is on its way to qualifying for the November ballot.

Climate Activists Fasting on Capitol Steps Find Allies in Governor’s Staff

“We are here to help untie their hands.”