Rick Anderson

Photo by Miki Yoshinhito/Flickr

Stormy Days for Tully’s Coffee

The attorney pressuring Trump about a porn star affair is also behind the fall of Seattle chain.


Warren Moon. Photo by Gamescore Blog/Wikimedia

Before Warren Moon, a History of Sexual Assault Allegations in Seattle Football

Following a report of misconduct, the Seahawks anouncer asked to be pulled off the air earlier this month.


Photo by Frank Kovalchek/Wikimedia

Reports of Assault in the Air Could Be Taking Off

As Randi Zuckerberg accuses Alaska Airlines of inaction, one Seattleite collects accounts of a problem she expects to become more prevalent.


A Shake-Up in the Chihuly Suit Sends Anne Bremner Packing

The well-known attorney got the boot after using privileged information about the artist.

Feds Say Spokane Torture Contractors Are on Their Own

Government lawyers are citing national security while denying the defendants’ requests for testimony from CIA officials they say directed the interrogation program they devised.

The Bitter Life and Sudden Death of Arcan Cetin

The Cascade Mall shooter claimed a sixth life this week. His own.

The Final Moments of Northwest Cable News

A grand, and once profitable, experiment of a bygone era pulls the plug. It’s not the only one.

Did Che Taylor Have to Die?

New documents raise troubling questions about the Wedgwood police shooting.