Nick Twietmeyer

The Modest Eatery That Lowballed Its Way Into a Glitzy Neighborhood’s Heart

Since 2010, the Row House has had a front row seat to Seattle’s unexpectedly big boom.


Breathing New Life Into Smith Tower

Don’t worry. The elevator operators aren’t going anywhere.


Free Wilbur: The War Against Feral Swine Comes to Washington

Last week, the last of several feral pigs reported in Central Washington was tracked down and killed by USDA Wildlife Service officials armed with a helicopter and a shotgun.


How Seattle Is Fighting Needles With Needles

With cops equipped with anti-OD medication, the War on Drugs looks more like a humanitarian mission.

Seattle Bans ‘Conversion Therapy’ on LGBT Children

We’re the third city to ban the widely discredited practice.

“The Status Quo Is Over”: Peaceful Black Lives Matter Demonstration Again Consumes Downtown

See scenes from the large gathering protesting the killing of black people by police.

The Anti-Pokemon Backlash as It Currently Stands in Seattle

Is Pokemon Go the new Google Glass?

Council May Be Locked-In to Secretly Negotiated Police Contract

The final vote on the police contract will be public, but it’s arguably just for show.

Seattle Council Reacts to Latest Police Shootings of Black Men

It’s not clear how this will impact the impending Seattle police contract.

Nearly a Year After Donnie Chin’s Death, Murray Announces ID Safety Plan

The action plan comes after the recommendations of a Public Safety Task Force, which was formed last year in reaction to the murder of the long-time ID community activist.

8 Key Quotes From a Homeless Seattle Man’s AMA

Joe Bernstein, freelance writer and homeless Seattle resident, answered questions about homeless encampments, what makes Seattle his home, and how to “fix” homelessness.

Celebrating the “Brilliance and Resilience” of Black High School Graduates

An event tonight at the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute will honor African American students from more than 30 area schools.