Kelton Sears

Seizing the Memes of Production

Meet the army of young leftists fighting a surreal war of ideas on the Internet.

The Year of the Rooster, Featuring Dancing Lions and $3 Delicacies

This weekend marks the Lunar New Year, the International District’s biggest day of the year.

Premiere: ZELLi’s “Solid” Music Video Brings It Back to the Golden Age

Nodding to the hip-hop/R&B pop divas of the 2000s, ZELLi breathes new life into a classic style.

Good Person Recordings on Making Art (Not) For Art’s Sake

Post-Trump, as artists re-evaluate their political efficacy, two punks already provided a blueprint.

Blackout Dates Be Damned—DoNormaal Dominated 2016 By Doing What She Wants

Flouting industry norms, the rapper played nearly 100 Seattle shows in 2016. The city showed up.

The Top 10 Things to Do Through Early January

Bid farewell to Fly Moon Royalty, support The Globalist, see Henry Rollins’ spoken word and more.

Eight Decades Later, Tacoma’s 1927 Lost Film ‘Eyes of the Totem’ Makes Its Seattle Debut

The relic from the days of Tacoma’s dreams as a ‘Hollyood-by-the-Sea’ shows at Northwest Film Forum.

Cyber-Thinker Minh Nguyen on Political Art in 2016 and the Nature of Digital Resistance

Talking electronic civil disobedience with Town Hall’s artist-in-residence and creator of Chat Room.

Giving the Gift of Good Local Music

Five albums for the curious fan on your list.

The Best Local Records We Heard This November

A garbage month. But Bujemane, Guayaba, Moving Pictures, and New Information made it a bit better.

A Bioregional Declaration of Interdependence

Interest in Cascadia has reached a new high. Now, proponents have to articulate what it truly means.

Seattle Felt Very Far Away From the United States Last Night

Unified not only against Trump, but its support for a slate of issues, the city bellowed its values.

Suffer Through Plague-Stricken Europe in Julia Gfrörer’s Devastating Comic ‘Laid Waste’

The Fantagraphics author’s new graphic novella continues her brilliant bleak streak.

The Best Local Records We Heard This October

Don’t drink the Seattle haterade—listen to Remember Face, Nail Polish, Trans FX, and Benoît Pioulard.

The Star-Studded, Experimental Indigenous Funk of Khu.éex’

Tlingit meets funk with Preston Singletary and the late Funkadelic keyboardist Bernie Worrell.

Seattle’s Virtual Road to Transcendence

The most interesting VR developers in town aren’t making video games—they want to make us more human.

Top-Notch New York Cabaret Comes to Seattle Via a Joe’s Pub Pipeline

In a cross-continental exchange, Teatro Zinzanni is hosting the Big Apple’s best cabaret performers.

Seattle Comics Journalist Sarah Glidden’s New Graphic Novel Isn’t Afraid to Admit Journalism Is Weird

‘Rolling Blackouts’ follows the author and her peers at ‘The Globalist’ through Syria, Iraq, and Turkey.

The Best Local Records We Heard This September Found Power in Simplicity

J’Von, Freaks of Nature, CC Dust, and Swooning stood out by paring it down.