Julia-Grace Sanders

Homelessness and Sexual Assault: Experts Say the Connection Is Clear, But Help Is Elusive

Studies show sexual assault leads to homelessness, and homelessness leads to assault. But services for each are often not compatible.


How Our Child-Welfare System Is Fostering the Homelessness Crisis

A recent study shows just more than 50 percent of homeless youth in Seattle have a history of foster care. Now efforts are afoot to make sure more kids under state supervision don’t end up on the streets.


The Complete Cascadian Summer Music Festival Guide

All the music your sunburnt face can handle.


Housekeepers Launch Ballot Initiative Against Creepy Guests (and Unreasonable Workloads)

The initiative would require hotel housekeepers be provided with panic buttons and create a standard response procedure for hotel management to address acts of harassment or assault by guests.

Report: Seattle African Americans Make 58 Cents For Each Dollar Earned by White Counterparts

The new study ranks Seattle low in terms of paying African Americans and Latinos as compared to whites.

Orange Ribbons Recall Victims of the War on Drugs

A rally used orange ribbons to commemorate those who have been killed or jailed because of the War on Drugs.