Elissa Ball

Twin Peeks

So long, Taurus. Let Gemini season begin!

Know Your Nodes

A rare lunar node shift switches things up while.

The Great Fling Forward

With Mercury retrograde finally ending, mercifully, it’s time to make a move.

Sowing the Seeds

After a long line of retrogrades, a new moon has us looking to future.

We’re in Taurus Territory

The bull’s out of the pen! Taurus charges ahead while Pluto turns retrograde and planets switch signs.

Final Love Lessons

Venus is moving out of retrograde, finally, but that doesn’t mean it’s over quite yet.

A Month of Retrogrades

April has us looking back before looking ahead.

Let the Right One In

There is a lot happening in the skies above, and you have some decisions to make.

  • Mar 29, 2017

A Whole New Ballgame

With a new moon in Aries and another retrograde on the way, expect some curveballs.

An Aries Sun Rings in a New Zodiac Year

And our focus shifts from “we” to “me.”

Full House

Venus retrograde continues with emotions overflowing.

Venus Turns Retrograde

Get ready for 40 days of frustration and deep therapy.

An Eclipse of Release

It is a time for course correction and some frustration.

Soft Water

Wading gently into Pisces season.

A Moment to Adjust

This week’s lunar eclipse promises to crack open a world of possibilities.

Combat Rock

The eclipse is coming. Are you ready?

Human Behaviour

Relationships loom large as we push forward through Aquarius and beyond.

Electric Feel

It is a big week of transitions as Aquarius moves in and shakes things up.

Green Light, Go!

Something you’ve been meaning to do? The planets tell us, now is the time.

One Road, Two Ways

Mapping out the first full week of the new year.