Elissa Ball

Illustration by Taylor Dow

Feelings and Facts

Mercury gets messy, but other planets deliver good luck.

Illustration by Taylor Dow
Illustration by Taylor Dow

Necessary Darkness

Neptune and a Taurus full Moon want us to connect.

Illustration by Taylor Dow
Illustration by Taylor Dow

Shedding Season

Jupiter delivers luck, but Pluto poses partnership challenges.

Illustration by Taylor Dow

Black Moon

Truth rises with a new Moon in Libra.

Illustration by Taylor Dow

Jupiter New Year

The big planet sets a new agenda in intense Scorpio.

Illustration by Taylor Dow

Hope and Comfort

An Aries full Moon and a kiss between Venus and Mars help us out.

This Is Not Fine

Speak up for yourself and embrace the discomfort.

Well Balanced

Libra season begins and Pluto acts up.

Work Smarter

Venus smooths bumps and Virgo energy peaks.

Pink Moon

Neptune and Pisces offer a tender full moon.

Growth Spurt

Mars drives the plot forward, Mercury goes direct.

Attention to Detail

Virgo season starts and Saturn turns direct.

Joy and Anger

A total solar eclipse takes center stage.

Retro Activity

Mercury goes retrograde and Venus heals hearts.

Shadow Play

Keep conquering your inner dragons!

The Strange Zone

Uranus turns retrograde and our eclipse story develops.

In Like a Lion

Cry it out, then get up! Leo season’s here.

Push and Pull

A week of negotiations and self-editing.

Stay, Leave, or Change!

A Capricorn full moon says, “Get real!”

Rage and Pain

A rough week jolts us awake.