Daniel Person

Once a Liberal Darling, Bev Harris Still Thinks the Elections Are Rigged

The King County resident says Trump’s criticisms are “inevitable” given the lack of transparency in ballot counting.

We’ve Just Declared ‘Open Season’ On Public Lands

With the Bundys’ acquittal, it’s time for nature lovers to fight for what’s theirs.

Holy S**t! Sheriff’s Department Reports Straight-Up Diamond Heist in Sea-Tac

These people have watched Snatch too many times.

Bars, Tribes and Writers Band Together to Save Seattle’s Favorite Places

A modest budget proposal would get the ball rolling on a program to save legacy businesses.

Permit Us to Explain The Tags, Stickers, and Decals You Need to Visit a Sno-Park in Washington

Getting into our green mountains in winter involves some red tape.

Say What? Report Finds Rent In Seattle Is *Dropping*

But just a tiny bit. By like $40. And it’s still crazy expensive.

For Second Time This Week, Local Republicans Defend Democracy Against Trump

Senate candidate Chris Vance uncorked on Trump over his debate remarks.

Sound Transit’s Rough Road to Light Rail

The region’s first foray into light rail was fraught, and still colors how some see the agency that built it.

The GOP Says Inslee Is a Terrible Governor. So Why Can’t They Beat Him?

How Trump and ‘donor fatigue’ set the Republicans up for a hard year in Washington.

Will Bus Rapid Transit on 405 Live Up to Its Name?

Sound Transit thinks it can help ease the Eastside freeway blues.

Yes, ST3 Will Take Forever to Build. But Backers Warn of Longer Waits if the Measure Fails.

Rejecting light rail now means either a pared-down plan on future ballots or … more buses.

Reverse Course! DEA Holds Off On Banning Kratom

Everyone from U.S. Representatives to the dude at the smoke shop protested the proposed ban.

Black Power, in Black and White

Jerry Whiting has quietly amassed a museum-quality collection of Black Panther photography.

Randy Dorn Calls Out Large School Districts For Fighting McCleary

The State Superintendent of Schools says wealthy schools are enabling inequality.

From Secure Scheduling to Paid Sick Leave, Unions Get a Pass Under Seattle Labor Law

Where some see sensible policy, others see self-dealing.

We Found the One Store Selling Kaepernick Jerseys Near CenturyLink. Emphasis Not on “Selling.”

The hottest jersey in football is still a tough sell in SoDo.

Carbon-Cutting I-732 Would Deliver a Tax “Windfall” to Boeing. Should We Care?

The perils of fiddling with taxes in a state where aerospace plays by its own rules.

How a Cheesy Italian Chain Is Holding on in Amazonia

Buca di Beppo is an odd fit for Seattle’s fastest growing neighborhood, or so it seems.

An Architect Weighs in on Seattle’s New Urban Landscape

Seattle architect Robert Hutchison designs the new while honoring the old in quickly transforming Seattle.