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Work Smarter

Venus smooths bumps and Virgo energy peaks.

“Space is hard, space is dangerous, space is exciting.”

—Neil deGrasse Tyson (28th National Space Symposium keynote speech, 2012)

Just because something’s difficult doesn’t mean it’s impossible or not worth the trouble. Virgo, current ruler of our sky, understands that a secure building rises brick by brick, not overnight. This week as we approach a Virgo new Moon on Tuesday the 19th—and witness a gob of planetary bodies settling into Virgo—we’ll be thinking about the work we do. And we’ll be considering how to work smarter. While a swell in Virgo energy can crank up worry and criticism, and although the week does hurl challenges and big truth drops our way, there is good news: Venus! A highly cooperative Venus helps to smooth out interpersonal friction and reduce pessimism. All week Venus creates romantic windows for date nights (not you, Saturday) and allows us to deepen love bonds—even strengthen finances. While all new Moons support fresh starts, this Virgo new Moon is particularly well-suited for making effective changes to our bodily health (food, physical activity, health providers, skin-care routines, and even apps). New beginnings in business are especially favored by Tuesday’s new Moon!


Speaking of business, the Virgo-ruled Sixth House is associated with work, physical health, and service done to benefit others. But did you know the Sixth House also relates to our co-workers, daily routines and schedules, and even small domestic pets? That’s right: Our fur babies get their own zodiac house! (Since dogs and humans have been living together as buddies for about 15,000 years, it makes sense.) So if you find yourself drawn toward pets now, Virgo may be responsible for the animal attraction. As for work and daily schedules: Virgo encourages us to break up tasks into small chunks, spread out over time. Instead of pulling all-nighters or wishing for quick fixes, the Sixth House of Virgo prefers we use our energy wisely to avoid burnout. Patience, strategy, sustainability: Small changes add up to a job well done. By focusing on how and with whom you work, you can tweak your routine in order to find your flow and perhaps even enjoy the process of productivity.


This is a big week for making decisions and speaking ideas into being. An active Mercury, ruler of Virgo, encourages us to express ourselves so we can transform could-be’s into realities. In the Tarot, planet Mercury is depicted as The Magician, a robed figure who stands before a table that displays various tools. Mercury, the experienced Magician, knows which tool is right for the job. Have faith in your various abilities and skills this week. If one method doesn’t work, try another. With one hand pointing to the ground and one to the sky, the Magician embodies the magical concept “As above, so below.” Words have power. By voicing your ideas (or even emailing about them), you can create actual change. Make it so.


On Wednesday the 13th you can have productive conversations and be presented with new possibilities, yet the Sun and Saturn create a tough angle that might feel frustrating. An emotional quarter Moon in Cancer means you’ll also have to push very hard to achieve. Expect a lightning bolt of a good idea to strike on the morning of Thursday the 14th, a day that also poses the risk of an argument or moody reaction. Friday the 15th—a great day for money matters—also makes an excellent date night. Saturday the 16th delivers emotional healing, thanks to Chiron. Mars touches Mercury, encouraging you to take powerful actions or speak your mind. However, the truth revealed today won’t be coated in sugar. If words get too combative, take some space. Sunday the 17th is a lovey-dovey day full of positive surprises (but also minor disappointments). Devote energy to creative projects, and make adjustments to your diet and structures that support you. On Monday the 18th there’ll be tension between tender emotions and hard facts. Try to strike a balance between being firm and flexible. Once Venus moves into Virgo on Tuesday the 19th, we won’t be interested in love or money situations that feel flimsy. For the next four weeks we’ll strive to make our relationships and finances sturdy, sustainable, and healthy. No junk! Tuesday also marks the new Moon in Virgo, a good time to revisit intentions you set at the Pisces full Moon. Have you been shedding fears and replacing destructive habits with new routines? A faceoff between Mercury and Neptune enhances creative thinking, yet also magnifies confusion and miscommunication. Don’t jump to conclusions or sign contracts for a couple days.

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