Illustration by Taylor Dow

Illustration by Taylor Dow

Water Pressure

Venus and Neptune soften Scorpio’s final tests.

In this final week of Scorpio season, it’s common to feel emotionally exhausted. Wrung out. Voice hoarse from primal screams and shower sobbing. This is a tender time, and Scorpio’s demands for relentless investigation and truth-finding can cause—well—“reality fatigue.” We’ve seen the truth; now what do we do with it?

Transformation and rebirth are the sparkly gifts of Scorpio, allowing us to radically change ourselves and our partnerships for the better. Yet in order to receive these benefits, we must put in the uncomfortable work. (Alchemy sometimes stinks of sulfur.) The days leading up to Saturday’s new Moon in Scorpio are packed with chances to disintegrate old patterns and behaviors. And although feelings seem anything but casual now, two planets will gracefully step in to sweeten Scorpio’s messy death-and-rebirth process: Venus and Neptune to the rescue!


On Thursday morning, Venus and Neptune create a positive “trine” angle that lasts a couple days. Considered a romantic aspect, it benefits everyone regardless of relationship status. The powers of creativity, beauty, and artistic expression are heightened under a Venus-Neptune trine. Interactions with others are usually more harmonious and rosy too. That’s a welcome change, because Mercury-in-Sagittarius is currently fussy: stuck in a sign it dislikes, at the first stage of its retrograde cycle, and veering a bit off course (“out of bounds” is the term for this). Such a sticky Mercury makes for rocky communication, heated conversations, and plenty of rehashing the past. Even more emotional processing?! Ugh. Scorpio is water, Sagittarius is fire, and we’re all lobsters reddening inside a steamy pressure cooker. But Thursday’s trine will relieve some of the pressure. And once the Sun enters Sagittarius on Tuesday night, things should generally feel less tense.


Saturday’s new Moon in Scorpio directly relates to the August eclipses. Think back to your summer eclipse story. This new Moon delivers a fresh chapter, a plot development to push the action forward. And right around the day of the new Moon, planet Neptune will begin to make its presence known. That’s because it’s preparing to turn direct (on the 22nd) after having been retrograde since June. When Neptune prepares to switch directions, it kicks up cosmic dust for a few days, nudging us to pay attention to Neptunian themes of imagination, intuition, spirituality, and dreams. You might crave more sleep than usual or have vivid, meaningful dreams. Because Neptune relates to doubt, confusion, and delusion, you may watch as self-delusions shatter and bright truths pop into sharp focus (that’s both the good and bad news). Planet Neptune also rules escapism, fantasies, and mind-altering substances. If you struggle with addiction, make sure you have extra support from Saturday until about the 27th.


Wednesday the 15th includes a clash of opinions, possibly resulting in anger or annoyance. If you can, try to adjust your usual operating mode. Let go of old ways. It’s also a good day to make updates to your home or living space. The Moon enters Scorpio early on Thursday the 16th, where it will stay until Saturday’s new Moon. Even though you might feel anxious or worried on Thursday, you can make solid breakthroughs in personal healing. Partnerships can also grow stronger and healthier today. Plan a date night! Friday the 17th is another day filled with opportunities to repair and improve our unions. You’re going to have to make some kind of adjustment in the morning, and it might not be your idea. Saturday the 18th brings the new Moon in Scorpio, along with big secrets or new information that affects how you move forward—even how you view the past. It’s another good day to clean and rearrange your house. After 11 a.m. the Moon enters Sagittarius for a couple days of increased activity. You might want to get lost in a book, find a workshop or class that interests you, or plan an out-of-town adventure. Sunday the 19th is bursting with mental and physical demands. Instead of scheduling back-to-back events, make space for breathing room and recovery time between activities. You’ll feel the need to make major changes and big choices on Sunday, especially about partnerships and the people you want on your team. On Monday the 20th you could get a long-awaited green light or receive help achieving a goal. Prepare to begin or end a cycle on Monday too. Scorpio season ends at 7 p.m. on Tuesday the 21st when the Sun enters Sagittarius. Tuesday’s Capricorn Moon urges us to take care of business and to-do tasks, while positive planetary aspects throughout the day support productivity.

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