The Fussy Eye

  • The Fussy Eye: Squid Security

    The old parking meters are mostly gone, street-corner signs aren't so convenient, and you need a place to lock your bicycle. At Seattle Center especially, … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Twigs in Search of a Nest

    Memorial Day is past, summer is here, and it's the season for outdoor art. And for clearing bramble patches, which is how artist Bryan Ohno … More »

  • Steel Petals

    Ginny Ruffner is, deservedly, a local art institution. A breakout star during the '80s, she suffered a debilitating car crash in 1991. Last year's documentary … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Hey, What's an Ikat?

    Dig those crazy striped bathrobes! Oh, wait, they're ikats, the traditional garment of Uzbekistan. Far from the Gauguin-going throng of shoppers and tourists downtown, SAAM … More »

  • Recycled Art for Earth Day

    Whatever happened to Earth Day? It's this Sunday, April 22—remember? Established in 1970, in large part owing to Seattle's Denis Hayes, the eco-awareness festival has … More »

  • Artist, Heal Thyself!

    When a group show promises to "explore the healing power of art," I visit with clenched fists. Hey, you oil painters and interpretive dancers, come … More »