The Fussy Eye

  • The Fussy Eye: Image Grab

    Tourists are the cruelest art critics. No matter if I hate Hammering Man, those descending from the Duck love it. And while I had, and … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Keep the Change

    Take my money! Why won’t you take my money? In case you haven’t noticed, our economy is moving to a frictionless, cashless system. We pay … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Exile on Main Street

    Who is Nicolai Fechin? The Russian figurative painter (1881–1955) was belatedly associated with the Munich Secession movement, which later inspired the Fryes to start collecting … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: The Coroplast Metropolis

    What is Coroplast®? Corrugated plastic, with a kind of honeycombed lattice between its surfaces, light and cheap—perfect for yard signs or temporary displays. (I think … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Lighting the Way

    A friend recently complained to me about the city’s new LED streetlights that had been installed on his block. They’re too bright, he said, as … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Gimme Shelter?

    Though he helped save the Market and Pioneer Square, and his son may yet be our next mayor, I am not a fan of his … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Salvage Art

    At the center of the atrium at MOHAI, newly relocated to the Naval Reserve Armory in South Lake Union, is a permanent new sculptural installation …

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  • The Fussy Eye: Yarn & Ammo

    The theme for this year's BAM Biennial is "High Fiber Diet," meaning all manner of yarn, fabrics, upholstery, embroidery, and sewing. And ammunition? My favorite … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Forlorn Photography

    Photographer Adam Satushek has been traveling to some pretty bleak places to collect the half-dozen images in his new show afield. These are scenes written … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: This Year's Muddle

    Once upon a time, peons at architecture firms spent hours with X-Acto blades and white foamcore to create elaborate models for projects built and unbuilt. … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Found Photos

    The small sampling of photos in "The Seduction of Color" is essentially a teaser for the eponymous book (Marquand/Paper Hammer, $45–$150; conveniently on sale for … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Art and Obstruction

    My commute has been immeasurably improved—well, actually improved by $10 million—thanks to the new West Thomas Street Overpass, which connects Lower Queen Anne to Myrtle … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Braids of Grass

    Walk a few hundred yards north of the swimming area at Magnuson Park, before you get to the dog beach, and you'll find a peculiar … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Paint as a Solid

    There's nothing new about freeing painting from representation, but harder is to free paint itself—the fluid, sticky stuff we daub and brush on canvas—from its … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Gays and Guns

    In the group show Beyond the Western Lands, also featuring Brian Britigan, Adrain Chesser, and Jeffry Mitchell, the real standout is a series of photos … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Traces of Moondust

    As for many baby boomers, the Apollo moon landing made a huge impression on young Bill Finger, as he now notes in his artist statement … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Gary Hill, Part II, at the Henry

    Part II of Gary Hill's career retrospective glossodelic attractors introduced eight new video installations earlier this month. Whether you've been to Part I or not … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Anger in a Jar

    Most of the candy-colored sculptural confections offered by Rebecca Chernow are glass and glossy, cast-off consumer objects (or sculptural restatements of same), some littered on … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Keeping It Simple

    It was Steve Jobs who invented minimalism. No, scratch that, it was Mies van der Rohe. Unless, wait, it was the Shakers? When it comes … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Putting the Knife to the Library

    Anyone who's had to clear out a family estate will know the leaden, stomach-sinking horror of the library. What in God's name are we going … More »