Illustration by Taylor Dow

Illustration by Taylor Dow

Takin’ Care of Business

Capricorn season begins and Mercury goes direct.

“It doesn’t have to be fun; it just has to be done.” That was the advice that a CPR instructor once gave me and the other adults in her classroom as we all frowned at our photocopied worksheets. Those rhyming lines encapsulate the get-down-to-business essence of Capricorn season, which starts on Thursday. Not only is Thursday the beginning of the Sun’s month-long stay in Capricorn, but it also marks Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year and the first day of winter! In the Pacific Northwest, it can be hard to stay upbeat this time of year when it seems like the Sun sets at 2:30 in the dang afternoon. But Winter Solstice is a turning point—an annual promise that the Sun’s light will slowly increase, no matter how bleak things seem. Solstice is our assurance that these long nights are part of a cycle.

Stay well hydrated and get plenty of protein and rest, because the week ahead is more bumpy than smooth. If you celebrate Christmas, be warned: The 25th looks exceptionally challenging. Many planets are settling into new signs and stirring transition tension as they go. On the 22nd Mercury will stand still in the sky and then turn direct. Though communication should improve as Mercury gradually un-blurs itself, the planet won’t exit its post-retrograde “shadow” until Jan. 10. Then Venus enters Capricorn on the 24th, adding even more financial focus to an already money-heavy sky syllabus. All these shifts are happening on the heels of a huge sign-change by Saturn that took place on the 19th, an event we’re still adjusting to.


For the last three years, while Saturn was in Sag, you’ve been cooking up a vision. Running on fumes of inspiration and passion, you discovered what you wanted to do. But now that Saturn has arrived in its home sign of Capricorn, Saturn asks, “How are you gonna make your vision a reality? With what resources? Where will you find the time?” Saturn wants you to submit a budget and put in the necessary practice and sweat. You need to tighten your set. Improvisation won’t cut it now.

We all have certain responsibilities we’ve been neglecting or putting off till later. Well, later is here. This week our unfinished tasks will buzz like alarm clocks. In particular, the Sun and Saturn meet in the sky on the 21st to show us what our specific work will be with this new Capricorn Saturn. Last week’s new Moon on the Galactic Center sent us psychic messages (in the form of meaningful dreams and intuitive hunches) to remind us of our purpose. And Mercury retrograde threw us annoying clues to help us figure out how to be more effective. We need to apply those lessons.


Goal-oriented Capricorn cares most about the end product. The done part, not the fun part. And Capricorn won’t settle for quick fixes either. Rather, the Earth sign prefers slow and steady progress, adult results, and solid systems that will last decades. Though Capricorn is down-to-Earth and practical, the sign can also get bogged down by internal pressures and heavy pessimism. Be sure to stay open to play and goofiness during Capricorn season, a month that will give us a taste of the potential benefits of having Saturn in Capricorn for the coming three years.


Wednesday the 20th offers us a new way to approach love or money issues. Expect a flash of understanding. But the Moon will be void from the early morning until 6:30 p.m., so use this time for reflecting instead of expecting to accomplish a lot. Thursday the 21st is the beginning of Capricorn season and the first day of winter. An important meeting between the Sun and Saturn this afternoon instructs us on what our individual Saturn “assignment” shall be. Issues of accountability are sure to come up, so pay attention. Mercury ends its retrograde on Friday the 22nd. On Friday you might find yourself returning to key conversations that occured around Dec. 2 (when Mercury turned retrograde). You may also need to amp up the self-care or even turn down an opportunity to collaborate. Saturday the 23rd looks very positive! A Pisces Moon opens our hearts and encourages gentleness. You can get quite a bit done on Sunday the 24th. Romantic, artistic energy is in the air too, and Venus enters Capricorn in the evening. Sorry to say there are no “easy” or “helpful” aspects on Monday the 25th. Do the best you can. Tuesday the 26th looks slightly better, but still tense and challenging.

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