Arts & Culture

Seizing the Memes of Production

Meet the army of young leftists fighting a surreal war of ideas on the Internet.

The Top 15 Things to Do This Week

Baile funk-influenced hip-hop, a duet with a CPR dummy, a museum curator/club DJ and more.

The Year of the Rooster, Featuring Dancing Lions and $3 Delicacies

This weekend marks the Lunar New Year, the International District’s biggest day of the year.

Sara Porkalob Wows In Role She Was Born to Play

With Madame Dragon’s 60th Birthday Party, the rising star tells a story of heartbreak and imagination.

‘Every Five Minutes’ Reckons With State-Sanctioned Violence Through the Surreal

WET’s disorienting new production is an affecting look at a man returning from 17 years of torture.

At Bushwick Book Club, Musicians Turn Books Into Song

The latest installment has musicians taking on water-themed passages from local books.

Electric Feel

It is a big week of transitions as Aquarius moves in and shakes things up.

Seattle Opera Leaves Verdi Unsettled

Times are tough all over. Ever since the ex-courtesan Violetta, whose story…

The Top 15 Things to Do This Week

Catch the opening of the Jacob Lawrence retrospective, lots of solid goth and noise music, and more.

“We Told You So” Tells How Fantagraphics Failed Its Way to Success

The 700-page doozy dives into 40 years of comics publishing via oral history and, of course, comics.

Al Farrow’s “Divine Ammunition” Turns Instruments of Death Into Houses of Worship

The flying buttresses of a gothic cathedral are pistols—the colorful “tiles” of a mosque—bullet casings.

Civic Rep’s ‘Trojan Women’ Delivers Lessons For 2017 From 415 B.C.

The reframed Greek classic prompts questions that are as important now as they were in antiquity.