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Soft Water

Wading gently into Pisces season.

Ten Years Later, Chop Shop Is Still a Success

The seasoned mixed-rep dance festival is celebrating its anniversary with a program of audience favorites.

The Top 15 Things to Do This Week

Catch one of rap’s weirdest, support local DIY, preview the city’s next generation of dance, and more.

“Raisins in a Glass of Milk” Shows Seattle Theater As It Is, and Imagines How It Might Be

The POC cast confront whiteness, and tell their own stories in a deeply humanizing and poetic way.

40 Things You Must Do This Spring

Our critics pick the best of the season, from the stage to the club to the gallery to the concert hall.

A Moment to Adjust

This week’s lunar eclipse promises to crack open a world of possibilities.

At the Frye’s Archipenko Exhibit, What’s Present Is as Revealing as What Isn’t

You’ll have to mind the gaps, both in the work and its curation, to get the full picture.

Isaac Marion’s Zombies Redux

The Seattle author’s hit novel “Warm Bodies” is getting an ambitious sequel.

On the Remarkably Gentle Social Change of ‘This Is How It Always Is’

Seattle author Laurie Frankel’s novel of raising a trans child is a portrait of a happy family like any other.

Paul Auster Earns All 900 Pages of His New Novel ‘4 3 2 1’

The literary titan’s latest follows the four parallel lives of a single man.

The Multimedia Flight of K.T. Niehoff’s “Before We Flew Like Birds, We Flew Like Clouds”

Incorporating dance, virtual reality, installation and audio, the complex piece explores other bodies.

The Top 15 Things to Do This Week

Grab a free new local alt-comix newspaper, catch the first Sound Off! battle, and much more.