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Choose Your Own Adventure

A new moon in Gemini wants you to choose with your heart.

In the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, each card corresponds to a specific astrological sign or time of the year. Gemini, our current season, is related to The Lovers card. People often assume The Lovers—which depicts a nude man and woman, separated by an angelic figure on a cloud—relates to romantic love. But The Lovers is really a card about choosing. The woman on the card is gazing up at the angel, as if searching for higher wisdom or listening to the whispers of her own inner voice. The Lovers card tells us that certain choices are ours alone to make. Our parents’ opinions, friends’ perspectives, and societal pressures can’t always dictate what’s right for us.

Gemini wisdom insists that beyond options A and B lies an option C. Sometimes that’s the case, sure. However, this week presents big either/or decisions that will greatly impact your future. Gemini is an astrological sign concerned with duality and choices, and this Thursday’s new moon in Gemini will highlight consequential decisions. Every important choice—if you think about it—is a life-or-death decision: Selecting one option means you give it life and invest in its growth, yet you also kiss the other possibility goodbye, bury it, and walk on. No wonder certain decisions feel heavy.


Thursday’s new moon in Gemini is the first since the North Node switched to Leo early this month. Therefore there’s an added emphasis on overcoming internal doubts and external naysayers in order to let your brave heart (Leo) decide. Pro/con lists are fine. Logic is essential. But at any crossroads, your heart gets the final say. Fear does not.

This Gemini new moon also wants us to consider that the words we speak determine how we experience situations. Thoughts, moods, and actions are interconnected. Often we have more control than we think. As with most new moons, it’s a good time to form new health habits (physical, emotional, and financial). Focus on what you want to create more of rather than what you’re afraid of.


Passion will light you up like a glow stick this week. Motivated by desire for something or someone, you’ll want to move yourself closer to the source of your smiles. Yet in order to make the dream a reality, you’ll have to switch your internal Oregon Trail pace to “grueling” for awhile. A humbling 90-degree angle (square) between Venus and Pluto on Thursday will push you to adjust the way you’ve always done something and try new techniques instead. Squares teach valuable lessons, but they frustrate us first. This square could involve negotiations around love or money issues (thanks, Venus). Due to Pluto’s participation, we can also expect power struggles and powerful feelings, even obsession. Although this Venus/Pluto square is most prominent Thursday, you could sense it throughout the week.

These final days of May might seem extra tough and significant, partly due to ongoing Saturn activity that’s applying constant pressure. Despite our enthusiasm and passions, we really don’t have all the time in the world. Serious Saturn is placing demands on us and won’t grant any deadline extensions. So keep putting in the hours and sweat as May wraps up. Trust that the payoffs will be huge.


On Wednesday the 24th, the moon makes harmonious angles that spark creativity. That day will also reveal new ways of healing old wounds, but resist the temptation to bicker! Thursday the 25th rolls out a new moon in Gemini that asks us to decide what we want, then make changes to achieve it. However, a harsh confrontation between Venus and Pluto adds tension. Friday the 26th is a good day to collaborate and strengthen partnerships, while Saturday the 27th is a fine time to spruce up your home, tenderly nurture, and implement new health habits. Watch out for impulsive, mean words or heated conflict on Sunday the 28th, when Mars and Saturn engage in their annual staredown. Hot tempers could last as long as Tuesday, so take deep breaths and channel that fire into productive action! Monday the 29th helps you work toward a creative goal, and a Leo moon on Tuesday the 30th fills you with confidence. Tuesday’s positive Mars/Uranus angle boosts your stamina. Go for it!

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