Everything you need to know about BOAT can be summed up by one of their most charming songs, "We've Been Friends since 1989." It opens with a steady bassline and a declaration of irresponsibility: "You can declaw all of your pets/ But your new black sofa will still be a mess." The rest of "We've Been Friends"—lyrics about growing up over bright guitars and thundering drums—embodies the BOAT's youthful yet hopelessly self-aware style. This would be the perfect soundtrack to a mumblecore movie, playing during a scene where the lead character finally reaches a moment of self-discovery. BOAT can feel a little twee and slightly immature, but that's pop music for you -- it's all about being young and foolish. With IJI, Build Us Airplanes, Jay Cox of The Sea Navy. PAIGE RICHMOND

Sat., July 3, 10 p.m., 2010

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