Lust in the Afternoon

Teen hormones run amok in 1970 England

Remember Naomi Watts' drunken old Russian uncle in Eastern Promises? The one Viggo Mortensen crushes with one hard stare? That's Jerzy Skolimowski, who directed this blithe but deceptive coming-of-age film about a teenager (John Moulder-Brown) crushing on his colleague at a municipal pool. Deep End starts as a comedy about the virginal kid's puppy-dogging of the older, considerably more sexually experienced girl (Carnaby Street swan Jane Asher, a pal of the Beatles and supposed inspiration for "Here, There and Everywhere"). Some of the comic bits unfold almost in real time, like Jacques Tati gags, and there's a hilarious Swedish sex-film-within-the-film that Michel Gondry would adore. But the off-kilter charm begins to darken as we see the kid from Asher's perspective. She's an ambivalent player in the sexual revolution, and he's a grenade of pubescent frustration. (NR) Seattle Art Museum, 1300 First Ave., 654-3121, $6-$8. 7:30 p.m. Also: Northwest Film Forum,, 1515 12th Ave., 267-5380, Fri., Jan. 18–Thurs., Jan. 24. 7 and 9:15 p.m. BRIAN MILLER

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