Madame K

Now that's what we call action. As of May 1, Madame K owner Kirsten Burt will donate 50 cents to Planned Parenthood every time someone orders an Orgasm. At Madame K's, an Orgasm consists of a chocolate chip cookie baked in a deep-dish pizza pan, topped with vanilla ice cream and served warm, gooey, and wonderfully messy. The Ballard pizza parlor's signature dessert goes for $7 and can, um, satisfy one to four eaters, depending. Considering the good cause, we think everyone ought to have one. Burt says she's following in the footsteps of legendary Seattle madam Lou Graham, who reportedly donated $250,000 in profits to the city's schools in the early 1900s. Burt hopes to raise $10,000, and she hopes to continue raising awareness as well. While her current campaign sprung from the recent South Dakota abortion ban, the pizza madam's not new to good-time consumer activism; last year Burt donated 20 percent of her Monday night earnings to national pro-choice organization NARAL. 5327 Ballard Ave. N.W., 206-783-9710. BALLARD

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